Saliva Testing

Saliva Testing

As many of you know, District 102 is currently participating in an 8-week COVID-19 screening.  This voluntary screening is free and available to all D102 students and staff.  There is still time to participate if you wish to do so.  

The screening is a non-invasive saliva test done weekly.  The tests are distributed and collected at your home school.  To view a quick demonstration video of the screening, please click here.  

To participate please contact your home school, and fill out a waiver form for each student that must be returned to the district (can be sent to school) prior to the screening taking place.  The waiver can be found here.  

At this time, we are also opening up our screening to students who are in the remote learning program.  Families would pick up their saliva test kit from their home school each week (Park student families would pick up from Park). Students would return their sample to their home school each week.  Remote families should turn in their forms to their school offices.  

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