Executive Board

Arlene Avalos-Gomez


Christine Zmuda


Laura Dunn

Executive Vice President

Kate Cannon

Vice President of Social Events

Amanda Ries


Jeri Merguia


Theresa Sisk

Vice President of Communications

Karine Otten

Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Executive Board Roles & Responsibilities

The PTO Executive Board consists of elected PTO members and school representatives. Executive Board PTO members are nominated by a nominating committee, are voted into office by the General Membership, and serve a two-year term. The Executive Board and chairpersons of the PTO Committees are expected to attend PTO Board meetings, which are also open to the General Membership.


Presidents have a wide range of responsibilities, from running PTO meetings to serving as a liaison between the PTO parents and the Principal. Presidents are responsible for the oversight of the maintenance of all PTO committee files by the respective committee heads and are responsible for representing the organization at all district meetings including district roundtable meetings.

Vice President

The main priority of the Vice President position is to support the President(s), as a surrogate or in cooperation with the President and provides support for all committee heads as needed. The VP is also responsible for filling all committee chair positions for the following year.

Vice President of Communications

The Vice President of Communications is responsible for all communications with the parent population at large. He or she shall update and distribute e-newsletter on a weekly basis, update the PTO website as needed, maintain social media pages, and disseminate e-blasts as needed.

Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  oversees the CEMA representative, multicultural night, the parent-teacher diversity book club, and other Forest Road PTO initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion at Forest Road.

Vice President of Fundraising

The Vice President of Fundraising oversees all the fundraising that takes place at Forest Road, including Boosterthon, Used Toy Sale, Trivia Night, Progressive Dinner, Flying High Nights, and other school fundraisers.

Vice President of Social Events

The Vice President of Social Events oversees a variety of social events that take place at Forest Road including Field Day, Fun Lunch, the Roller Skating Party, Sixth Grade Party, Sock Hop and Neon Night, Family Days/Dances, and Movie Day.


The secretary is responsible for keeping a correct record of all meetings of the PTO and the Executive Board and issue to PTO E-news. He or she shall attend Executive Board meetings and assist the President(s) and VP(s) as needed.


The treasurer is the elected custodian of PTO funds and is responsible for all deposits and checks written from approved PTO expenditures. He or she prepares and presents the budget to both the PTO and to the Superintendent. The treasurer prepares and submits monthly financial statements to the PTO illustrating but actual and budgeted amounts.

Committee Chair Roles & Responsibilities

Art Enrichment

Committee Chair: I. Tania Lopez

Art Enrichment volunteers enter the classroom a few times a year to present a short art history lesson and lead a grade-appropriate art project

Book Fair

Committee Chair: Christine Zmuda

The Scholastic Book Fair is held twice a year in partnership with the LRC to raise money to provide extra funds to the library.

CEMA Representative

Committee Chair: Karine Otten

Act as a liaison between the Committee for Equity and Minority Achievement and the Forest Road PTO


Committee Chair: Erin Shanahan

The District Directory is created at the beginning of every school year. The chair helps collect data for the directory and keeps it up-to-date during the year.

Display Case

Committee Chair: Arlene Gomez

Recruit students to display their collections in the display cabinet outside the multi-purpose room and help them set up and take down their collection at the beginning of each month.

Field Day

Committee Chairs: Laura Dunn and Jocelyn Needer

Plan the end-of-the-year party for all the students at Forest Road.

Flying High Nights

Committee Chair: Crystal Strickler

Organize Flying High fundraising nights for Forest Road students 4-6 times a year.

Fun Lunch

Committee Chairs: Veronica Sova and Kara Sullivan

Organize and run a pizza lunch for all the students at Forest Road once a year. You’ll have to place the pizza order, get the pizza to Forest Road, and deliver it to students during their lunch period.

Gardens and Grounds

Committee Chair: Katie Black 

Create new ways to beautify the grounds at Forest Road.

Grandparents Day: OPEN COMMITTEE


Email president@forestroadpto.org if you are interested in volunteering.

Coordinate the Grandparent-Student breakfast/event in December.

Ice Blast

Committee Chair: Karine Otten

Coordinate the annual Italian Ice purchase and distribution to Forest Road students on Valentine’s Day.

Movie Day

Committee Chair: Kathy Smolen

Plan the annual Forest Road movie day at LaGrange Theatre in or around December.

Multicultural Night

Committee Chair: Jennie Popovic

Coordinate the multicultural night at Forest Road where students and families can teach other students and families about their heritage.

Neon Night

Committee Chairs: Heather Guidice, Joni Ptasnik, and Crystal Strickler

Plan and run a theme party for students in grade 4-6.

Open Gym

Committee Chairs: Arlene Gomez and JanToya Herman

Schedule and attend open gym/basketball evenings at Forest Road for students.


Committee Chair: Kate Cisek

This parent attends the district-wide Parent Action Committee meeting once a month and reports back to the PTO meetings on what they learned.

Parent-Teacher Diversity Book Club

Committee Chair: Jamie Reed

Coordinate the Forest Road Parent-Teacher Diversity Book Club with the principal, Karli Stamer. Help choose books, recruit people to participate, and attend the meetings.

Picture Day

Committee Chairs: Laura Dunn and Kelly Iovinelli

Coordinate school picture day with school administration and the photography company and be there the day of picture day to make sure it runs smoothly.


Committee Chairs: Emily Hurley and Melissa Veenstra

This parent attends the district-wide Instrumental Music Program meetings once a month and reports back to the PTO meetings on what they learned.

Progressive Dinner

Committee Chairs: Melissa Granger and Kelley Fox

Create and run a progressive dinner as a fundraiser for Forest Road in the spring.


Committee Chair: Ann Johnson

This parent is the Forest Road representative for the Positive School Climate Committee. They will work with parents from other schools to help create positive school climates throughout the district.

Read to Succeed

Committee Chair: Ashley Long

Coordinate the Read to Succeed program where students can turn in a reading log in exchange for a free ticket to Great America.

Restaurant Benefits

Committee Chair: Monique Abbate

Help raise money for the PTO by reaching out to restaurants to ask them to host a fundraiser night for Forest Road. Restaurant nights are usually once a month.

Roller Skating Party

Committee Chairs: Melissa Granger and Heather Giudice

Schedule, promote, and attend the annual roller skating party at a local roller rink. The next one is scheduled for 11/6/2021 at 4:30pm.

Room Parents

Committee Chair: Staci Hurley

Recruit and manage room parents for class parties throughout the school year.

Run for 102

Committee Chair: Melissa McFeters and I Tania Lopez

Join the district-wide committee to help with the Run for 102.

Running Club

Committee Chairs: Amy Bocian and Mandy O’Malley 

During the fall and spring, students use their Friday lunch recess to run laps. You’ll attend and recruit volunteers to help count the laps. Every student who participates gets a necklace with a foot charm for every mile they run.

School Supplies

Committee Chair: Laura Dunn

Set up the school supply order at the end of every school year and pass out to order to classrooms before the next school year begins.

Science Center

Committee Chair: Katie Black

This parent attends the district-wide Science Center meetings once a month and reports back to the PTO meetings on what they learned.

Sixth Grade Committee

Committee Chairs: Erin Shanahan, Kara Sullivan, and Katrina Webb

Help plan the sixth-grade party, breakfast, and other end-of-the-year activities to make students’ last year at Forest Road special.

Social Event 1 (Formerly Known as Mother-Son Night)

Committee Chair: I Tania Lopez

Help create, plan, and run a new more inclusive event to replace the Mother/Son night at school.

Social Event 2 (Formerly Known as Daddy-Daughter Dance)

Committee Chairs: Katie Black and Staci Hurley

Help create, plan, and run a new more inclusive event to replace the Daddy/Daughter dancet at school.

Sock Hop

Committee Chair: Nicole Kass and Jamie Zaura

Plan and run a sock hop-theme party for all students in grades 1-3.


Committee Chair: Melissa Granger

Design, order, and distribute school spirit wear at the beginning of every school year.


Committee Chair: Laura Dunn and Jeri Murguia

Help Forest Road become more sustainable. Collect used crayons and deliver them to SCARCE and come up with new ways for the school to become more environmentally responsible.



Email president@forestroadpto.org if you are interested in volunteering.

Coordinate and run the student talent show at Forest Road every other year.

Teacher Appreciation

Committee Chair: Kate Cisek

Run teacher appreciation week in May and help create and execute ways to thank the Forest Road teachers and staff throughout the year.

Third Grade Bike Rodeo: OPEN COMMITTEE


Email president@forestroadpto.org if you are interested in volunteering.

Coordinate with the La Grange Park Police Department to host a bike safety and registration event for third graders at Forest Road.

Toy Sale

Committee Chair: Staci Hurley

Plan and run the annual fall Forest Road toy sale.

Trivia Night

Committee Chair: Mandy O’Malley

Plan and run the Forest Road Parent Trivia fundraiser every fall.

Welcome/Newcomer Committee

Committee Chair: Arlene Gomez

Welcome the first grade families and all other new students and families.


Committee Chair: Bethany Gryfakis

Collect photographs throughout the year and design and create the yearbook.

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