Meet Our Executive Board

Erin Shanahan


Theresa Sisk


JanToya Herman

Co-Vice President

Sarah Wieczorkiewicz

 Co-Vice President

Susan Zander

 Vice President of Communications

Kris Yung Pilat

Vice-President of Fundraising

Kathy Smolen

Vice-President of Social Events

Joanne Van Etten


Amanda Ries


Jeffrey Bergholtz


Executive Committee Roles & Responsibilities

The PTO Executive Board consists of elected PTO members and school representatives. Executive Board PTO members are nominated by a nominating committee, are voted into office by the General Membership, and serve a two-year term. The Executive Board and chairpersons of the PTO Committees are expected to attend PTO Board meetings, which are also open to the General Membership.


Presidents have a wide range of responsibilities, from running PTO meetings to serving as a liaison between the PTO parents and the Principal. Presidents are responsible for the oversight of the maintenance of all PTO committee files by the respective committee heads and are responsible for representing the organization at all district meetings including district roundtable meetings.

Vice President

The main priority of the Vice President position is to support the President(s), as a surrogate or in cooperation with the President and provides support for all committee heads as needed. The VP is also responsible for filing all committee chair positions for the following year.

Vice President of Communications

The Vice President of Communications is responsible for all communications with the parent population at large. He or she shall update and distribute e-newsletter on a weekly basis, update the PTO website as needed, maintain social media pages, and disseminate e-blasts as needed.


Treasurer is the elected custodian of PTO funds and is responsible for all deposits and checks written from approved PTO expenditures. He or she prepares and presents the budget to both the PTO and to the Superintendent. The treasurer prepares and submits monthly financial statements to the PTO illustrating but actual and budgeted amounts.


Secretary is responsible for keeping a correct record of all meetings of the PTO and the Executive Board and issue to PTO E-news. He or she shall attend Executive Board meetings and assist the President(s) and VP(s) as needed.

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